The Flora

Post date: Oct 19, 2013 3:0:57 PM

When one browses through photo groups and photo web sites, flora seems to be one of the most popular themes. 

Fnding plants and flowers, anything that belongs to flora, is not a heavy task. It is everyvere around us, even in the cities you'll find parks with trees, grass, flowers.

So, flora it is, the weekly contest main theme for the next 8 days: from Saturday 19th to Saturday 26th October 2013.

As usual at LightHunters, we define the six daily themes, for first six contest days, and give you last day the free choice within the main theme!

Each day, the HTL Editors shall select one photo as Photo of the Day. These seven photographs will later be accompanied by wider selection from whole contest, and presented here on our HTL website. 

Please, don't rush forward to post images out of daily theme. 

Post up to three images daily in contest thematic order on our Facebook contest wall.

Please mark photographs as: D1 to D7 for Day 1 to Day 7.

Please put additional marking: -1; -2 or -3 for the photo number in the day.


D1-1; D1-2; D1-3 

D2-1; D2-2; D2-3


D7-1; D7-2; D7-3. 

The daily subthemes order:

D1 - Sat/Sun: The beauty of flowers (any flowers)

D2 - Mon: Roses, beautiful, any color

D3 - Tue: Forests and any plants that grow inside, even the mushrooms, that are not true flora neither fauna

D4 - Wed: Fruits and vegetables, cereals (please Do NOT post commercials for industry products)

D5 - Thu: Grass, bush, grmlje, thicket, trees

D6 - Fri: Cabages, salads and similar

D7 - Sat 26th: Your free choice of flora

Contest goal: Present the flora in the highly aestethical way! Be creative post your best photographs of the subject.

Contest strart: Saturday 19th October 2013. Day 1 ( D1 ) counts to Sunday 20th October at 7 PM Central European Time! 

Join the contest on Facebook. It is an HTL event! Click HERE to go to Contest page! 

Let the good light always be with you! 

Questions: Please write them on contest  wall or contact us via following form.