2013 Contest

Happy Easter

2013 was a very active year for Lighthunters. We organized many different thematic daily photo contests. 

The Easter Day contest was a provisional one only.
However, Lighthunters took it seriously
and submitted some very good photographs!

 So, we awarded a couple of the most interesting and best ones!

 The Presentation at the bottom of the page content represents all participating authors. 

You may run it automatically or choose to browse slides manually,

 Technical Excellence: 

Diego Tikulin


Olja Jovanović

Best Motive: 

Andrea Šipuš                                                 Jelena Puškarić

Image processing:
Marijan Škabić


Nikolina Šarić

Lighthunters Awards:

Kristina Klunić Bolković                                      Margarita Stanić Ankica Magačić


We congratulate Awarded authors and thank all for participating the event. 

Please, take a look at Easter day presentation!


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