Contest Hunt Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are always challenging photographic motives! And Lihghthunters were pretty inspired with this theme. We got a lot of fine images as contest entries, that simply belong way above the average plain shots. So, awarding these images was not so tedious task! 

Technical Excellence Award winners are: 

Arsen Miletić                                               Bohorc Ivica Jerry     


Musician Photographer Award winners are: 

Darko Šušovček                                                           Joško Dalmat Tomić 


Wolf Kopčić

Art Award winners are: 

 Marijan Pribilović                                  Mate Bodrožić


B&W Image Award won: 

Hrsta Senior

Best Motive Award winners are: 

Josip Madračević                                                    Jasna Bužimkić


Concert Photographer Award won: 

Francesca Delbianco

Lighthunters Awards winners are:

 Antonio Stipinović, Ivan kosić, Olja Jovanović, Josip Hrženjak and Biserka Vrđuka

We congratulate awarded photographers for their achievement and thank all the participants for their interesting and nice contest entries! 

Presentation is ready for you to review the contest here! 


Join us, after sharing the joy with our laureates in our next daily photo contest: "Commercial Photography"! Let the good light accompany you!