Contest Hunt The Action

Exciting Action Day is over! Many new friends joined Lighthunters FB daily photo contest! We got a lot of fine images again, from quiet home action motives, over traveling, fitness, vacation, sport to fire drivetrough and acrobatic air shows! 

Our photographers in action performed well! And some of the contestants rose a little bitt higher in terms of theme interpretation! 

The contestants and audience had their own clear favorite images, a few of them collecting higher number of likes! 

The Most Liked Action Image Award went to amazing bird's fight image, by Josip Ledinšćak! 

The Technical Excellence Award winner is Martina Šiljeg, for her image of water skier. 

Ivan Kosić is the Winner of Action Image Artistic Impression Award for his diving seagull! 

Best Outdoor Action Award winner is Marijan Pribilović, who presented us fire drive-through! 

Petra Bavdek won the Best Action Motive Award for her close up image of horse gallop! 

Jasmina Paraker won Animal Action Story Award! 

Action Collage Award got Bodljica Ježić! 

Best Sport Action Award winner is Denis Peroš! 

Best Home Action Award winner is Dina Bužimkić! 

Best Event Action Award winner is Elena Simeonov! 

We congratulate the Winners and all the participants for very nice images and fair competition, affirmation of Lighthunters spirit! 

Enjoy our daily presentation here! 


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