Contest Hunt Your Streets

Hunting your streets was interesting daily photo contest. We received a full spectrum of images, from plain snapshots, to very profound and artistic, but the technical aspect was fairly good for most contest entries.

We decided to award following photographers:

Art Photography:

Darko Šušovček

Jelena Vukić

Technical Excellence:

Wolf Kopčić

Tomislav Tompa Zebić

Image Processing:

Zdravka Prnić

Best Motive:

Jelica Ristović

B&W Photo:

Anisja Rossi

Elvis Emre Malagić


Lerga Roberto

Irena SG


Arijana Jugovac

Radovan Grkovski

Lighthunters Awards:

Ana Gašparović, Nada Bolta Danilović, Branka Daniela Hrženjak

Regina Koštan, Mima Štimac, Dragutin Vrbanec, Anton Tony Pinčić

We congratulate awarded photographers on their achievement and thank all others on their contest participation. 

We invite you to watch the contest presentation here. 


If you have missed our previous contest results, click on following link to find more about winners and to view the presentation:


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