Dream Light

Open Photography Group on Facebook, a part of Hunting The Light project!

Dream Light - The Magic World of Photography is a gathering place for amateurs, as well as professionals! 

Each member can post up to three of their own quality images (photographs or digital art) per day. 

Each day Admins / Editors Team select one image as Photo of the Day. Selection is based on image quality and not on the number of the collected "Likes". 

The main theme is light. Working with light in a photographic sense! 

Take a look at the first 20 photos of the day! 


We welcome you to join us on Facebook! 

Editors Team: 

Jadranka Bužimkić, Vanja Vukadinović, Tigi Borg, Francesca Delbianco, 

Yelena Lana Schindler, Nino Đuraš, Petra Picek