Inspired by Mountains

Post date: Jul 27, 2012 5:53:6 PM

By  Prof.  Silvano  Šavle, Rijeka, Croatia

Standing on a mountain top seems as if the wind blew all human meanness, hypocrisy, cowardice and the rest are just beauty and goodness. Mountain peaks inspire trust, and why shouldn't they, when they speak of millennia of experience.

There on top of a man would rather shut up and swallow the beauty with the eyes, which nature provides around him, and then you realize how lucky you are because many people never will never reach such extraordinary experience. 

At the top of the mountain you can feel immense and mysterious silence, just as the vast and mysterious mood of the mountain. And after all the happiness, you become sad because you know that the same image can never be repeated. When you go from the top, when you turn back for the last time, that very moment you absorb the unforgettable scene. It turns into the happiest and the saddest moment at once. You're lucky, for your privilege to be there, because mountain let you to be there! 

And you are sad because you have to leave this glorious place and ask whether you will ever meet it again. Therefore, people who dare to once go to mountains, always return there! And a man cannot conquer the mountain, but gets conquerered by the mountain! 


Prof.  Silvano  Šavle


July, 27th 2012