Contest Hunt Dandelions

If there is a magic word for photographers, it surely must be: Dandelions! You can whisper it, but all the photograpers will hear it and submit their finest dandelion images into contest! 

And then, how to rule some out of, others into awarded circle, when so many received images are so visually appealing?! 

Hard task, but we found the way to solve it in some plausible time frame and... awards are here!! 

Art Photography: 

Sonja Rojković

Lily Demode

Technical Excellence: 

Željko Krnčević

Merima Bujanović

Best Motive:

Marijan Forgač

Katarina Sun Ivičević

Best Processing:

Verica Zubanović

Francesca Delbianco


Mirela Korolija 

Mima Art

B&W Photography:

Ana Gašparović

Photo of the Day:

Zdenko Balog 


Nikola Belavić, Marija Djedović, Ana Vlahov

Astrida Zrinka Hrženjak, Anisja Rossi, Tanja Milanović Legović

We congratulate award winners for their achievement and thank all participants for their fine dandelion images! 

Take some time to watch the very interesting contest presentation and dwelve in the world of dandelions! 


If you missed our previous contest presentation, click on the following link to visit it's page and enjoy in fine imagery! 

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