Contest Hunt Your Memories

Memories! Dear memories! Your memories! Your precious memories! Thank you for sharing them with us, be it personal memories, culture, tradition, interesting presents or just photogenic objects in front of your cameras.! Thank you for presenting them in so many interesting ways! Every single one is so precious and so worth! Worth our praise for your work! 

By keeping these memories, by not letting them fly away, by presenting them today to the group, All of you become the winners! :)

So, our task of selecting better images was not an easy job. 

The most help we got from you, and other visitors, who LIKED 2 images more than others. 

We present Most Liked Memory Award to Dunja Kolar and Christian Meyn


© Dunja Kolar 

© Christian Meyn

Absolute Technical Excellence Award winner is Jelena Puškarić for an exceptioally well done memory photograph. 

Artistic Memory Image Award winner is Višnja Kasagić

Best Processing Memory Image Award winner is Snježana Bratanović.

Best Memory Motive Award winner is Ana Gašparović.

Editors congratulate the award winners as well as all of participants!! Your works are compiled into following presentation! 


God bless all of you and your dearest with whom you share these memories! Thank you again, for opening your hearts and sharing your precious moments with the rest of us!