Contest Hunt The Water

World Water Day proved to be a real showdown at Lighthunters daily photo contest! It was by far the largest contest, and the quality was up to quantity.

But, as always, when image postings are over, the moment of selection nears, and only the very best reach the awards. 

When evaluating, we take in consideration every aspect we can, even the camera types, to get the fair results. So the award are as follows:

Tehnical Excellence: 

Jelica Ristović                                                           Heni Tade 



Darko Rom

Mirela Korolija


Vanja Vukadinović                                                        Martina Šiljeg


B&W Photo: 

Denis Boban


Tula Siliguni

Best motive: 

Suzana Jovanović                                                 Ljiljana Wjeshtica Cviljak 


Lighthunters Awards: 

Dragutin Vrbanec, Siniša Almaši, TanJa Miljković Bralić, Jelena Puškarić, Vesela MIšković, Kristina Klunić Bolković

We congratulate the awarded authors and thank all others for their participation and nice images they sent in.

Please take the time to watch the presentation! It's exciting!! 


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