Contest Hunt Emotions

Hunting the Emotions! Interesting theme, hard to photograph! Mostly it requires very skilled and ready to shoot photographter, with camera ready. Most amateur photographers can shoot such scenes only with family members and friends as photo models, while professionals have fair advantage of shooting various events and/or working with pro models.

We decided to award following photographers! 

Art Photography:

Lilly Demode

Vanja Vukadinović

Technical Excellence:

Nada Ostić

Diego Tikulin

Best Motive:

Branka Daniela Hrženjak

B&W Photo:

Danijela Vlahović

Regina Koštan


Jasna Bužimkić

Martina Šiljeg


Tanja Milanović Legović

Image Processing:

Iva Buzdon


Monika Burazerović, Dragutin Vrbanec, Jasna Fumić, Dennis Czund

Vedrana Ćetković, Anton Tony Pinčić, Andrea Šipuš, Gordana Dragojević

We thank all participants for their entries and congratulate awarded photographers for their unique and interesting works and resulting success! 

Contest presentation is ready for you! Take some time and enjoy viewing it! 


If you missed our previous contest presentation, click on following link to view it! 

Child Portraits

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