Contest Hunting The Paparazzi

Paparazzi day at Lighthunters was very nice way to let merely recreative, amateur photographers to display their ability to "shoot and stay invisible"! And to do it well! 

Not many images are about very famous people, but it was not our main idea, anyway! Amateurs rarely point their cameras toward so called "celebrities"! But, some of them proved to have great talent to become paparazzi!!

Two images were far above othars and au pair by number of likes, ony one like vote difference! So, both images earned to be awarded! 

Most Liked Paparazzi Image Award winners are: 

Zdenko Balog 

Mirela Korolija.

Technical Excellence Award winners are: 

Nino Đuraš

Diego Tikulin.

Artistic Impression Award Winner is Ljiljana Wjeshtica Cviljak! 

Best Paparazzi Motive Award winner is Dennis Czund!

Paparazzi Story Award Winner is Francesca Delbianco! 

Paparazzi Photo Award Winners are:

Vera Pristovnik 

Nataša Kos 

Josip Madračević!  

Lighthunters Awards Winners are: 

Danijela Loidolt 

Ema Dabo Radosavljević! 

We congratulate the winners on their success and all participants on nice or interesting images. 

Please take a look at following contest presentation to see all participants' works!  


Join to our already open contest "Female Portraits"!! Let the good light always be at you rside!!