Lipik 2023
World Through
My Eyes

On Thursday, Apr 27, Lighthunters opened their first annual photo exhibition
"World Through My Eyes"  in the Municipal Library Lipik.
It is the very first time that we exhibit in this charming Croatian town.
Hopefully, it is not the last time, too.

 We thank the Lipik Library and Ms. Jasna Molnar Kukić, the head librarian for the kind hospitality.

 Municipal Library Lipik is located on Slavonska  st. 47 in the charming Western Slavonian town. The building is approximately 150 years old. It's primary use was as gramar school for many decades. Now it is modernized and hosts Library and Multicultural center.

Municipal Library Lipik, Croatia

Multicultural Center of Lipik Municipal Library is ready to welcome visitors.  Photo by TigiBorg.

Multicultural Center ready for Exhibition opening

The Wall of Light / Zid svjetla