Contest Hunt The Sculptures

Sculptures are work of art! And we insisted in our contest on artistic way of photographing sculptures, on engaging all the photographer's creativity and skill! We got plenty of entries, some of them matching our ideas about what sculpture photography should be! 

So we decided to award following authors:

Art Photography:

Kristinka Baglama

Photo of the Day: 

Technical Excellence:

Josip Madračević

Best Motive:

Francesca Delbianco

Biserka Vrđuka


Vesna Karavanić

Potographer Sculptor:

Bohorc Ivica Jerry

Image Processing:

Jasna Bužimkić


Mima Štimac, Gabrijela Tkalec, Zdenko Balog, Siniša Almaši, 

Joško Dalmat Tomić, Nino Đuraš, Radovan Grkovski

We congratulate the award winners and thank all participants for their entries! 

Please take some time to view the contest presentation and get introduced to the various ways used to photograph different sculptures around the world!


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