Contest Hunt The Sky

Astro and sky photography contest brought us numerous interesting images and proved that photographers are keen of pointint their cameras up to the sky, be it day or night! 

Guest Evaluator was Tomislav Tompa Zebić, excellent younger photographer, who had a hard task to select awarded works from such diversity of motives and interpretations. We congratulate Tomislav for remarkable job he done! 


Dunja Kolar won Most Liked Image Award.

Željko Kustec won Technical Excellence Award.


Vanja Vukadinović won Artistic Impression Award.

Darko Gereš won Analog Photography Award.

Lighthunters Awards go to: Boris Kačan, Denis Boban, Velimir Bešić i Bitter Mjeda.

We congratulate Award Winners, all Participants and our Guest Evaluator Tomislav! All of you performed well and great! in our 25th Daily Photo Contest! 

Please take a look at following presentation and enjoy the sky and astro show! 


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