Post date: Aug 01, 2012 11:8:53 AM

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for expressing interest in photography and our Lighthunters site. We hope that your experience of visiting our site will be pleasant and will fulfill your expectations regarding content and site's ease of use.

The whole "Hunting The Light" project, although new and recent in appearance on the web, has it's history, dating years ago. Members of Editorial Team are photographers and writers, having long time experience in exhibiting their works through various other sites accross the internet, and regulary visiting many other photo community sites, too. 

Our experience includes various kinds of interaction, presence in this virtual part of humanity and technology, from very dissapointing to very exciting and excellent. Knowing so many fine sites, we may find our decision to build another brick into virtual international photo community home, a very hard and extremely challenging. But, we are challengers, so right now, we are enjoying the fun of new and interesting task, that we picked ourselves to do! 

Lighthunters - Hunting The Light web site is thought of as a place to offer equal possibilities to each and all the members, in displaying their photographic talent, skills and art, as well as place where photographers of all skill levels will be able to contribute and to learn more. 

We will be introducing many initiatives to our members and visitors, to participate with valuable content and response, to establish interaction, and to make photography world a little bit better! 

We plan to encourage the positive and affirmative activities, content contribution, as well as members and visitors interaction, providing "Hunting The Light" site as an enjoyable and useful web site for you, your friends and family! 

Our project depends also on your will to interact with us and share you thoughts, critics and suggestions. Therefore, please be free to contact us via built in form, and we will either respond directly or undertake desired action to make Lighthunters the site ever better photo community gathering place! 

Wishing you pleasant stay by us,

Jadranka and Tigi, Editors