Contest Hunt The Weddings

Weddings! What a paradise for photographers, pros and amateurs to demonstrate their skills, creativity and knowledge in the middle of countless interesting motives and actions! 

When it commes to motives, the contestants performed quite good, so we got fair deal of different and interesting motives. When it comes to technical side, we may not be all that happy! Because, so many "most important moment"-s in someone's lifes have to be photographed quite a bit better, and images like these really need careful post processing. All that is the part of "the game"! 

Anyway, we decided this time to be more benevolent and gave plenty of awards, mostly driven by motives, not technical side of these images! 

Photo of the Day:

Davorka Trbojević

Art Photo:

Tanja Milanović Legović

Technical Excellence:

Boris Stanić

B&W Photography:

Diego Tikulin

Best Motive:

Nino Đuraš

Gabi Tkalec


Mirela Korolija

Čedo Kaica


Dorijana Orlić, Jasmina Paraker, Merima Bujanović, Zoran Burazerović

We thank all for participating in the conest and congratulate award winners. 

Take a few minutes to watch the following presentation! 


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