Contest Hunt Ball Sports

As expected, this was one of less popular contests! Many amateurs simply don't go photographing sports of any kind if they don't have anyone in their family being active in sport! 

But anyway, we received several pictures really worth awarding! So, we are happy to award the best! For all the other participants got this time a honnorary "Lighthunter" awards! 

B&W Photo Award: 

Ana Vlahov

Technical Excellence Award:

Dennis Czund

Željko Krnčević

Decisive Moment Award:

Anton Tony Pinčić

Martina Šiljeg

Creativity Award: 

Dina Bužimkić

Event Coverage Award:

Josip Madračević

Photo of the Day:

Marko Zubonja

Sport History Award:

TanJa Miljković Bralić

Best Motive Award:

Vedrana Ćetković

Admins / Editors / Evaluators: 

Jadranka Bužimkić and Tigi Borg


Aleksandar Lazarević, Ana Gašparović, Andrea Šipuš, Ankica Magačić, Biserka Vrđuka, Bohorc Ivica Jerry, Djuro Bosnić, Goran Antić, Regina Koštan, Vera Pristovnik, Zdravka Prnić, Željko Stipić

We congratulate all participating photographers, the awarded ones for their somewhat exceptional images, and all others for active attitude and courage to photograph at various ball sport events and post their works into this contest! 

Presentation is ready, with all participants works! Take a few minutes to remind yourself of the contest! 


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