Post date: Jul 24, 2012 1:8:15 PM

Exploring the genre of portraiture I search for those fleeting moments of positively high emotional responsiveness among people who I befriended and establish a relationship where I felt being absorbed in it as never before, and felt I have changed, naturally allowing to see a new insight of myself. 

Furthermore, searching for emotional involvement, (indulgence) among strangers to whom for a moment my attention was pulled finding them interesting, for some reason attractive in their moment of being absorbed; or family members like the picture of the boy whose attention transforms into emotional vulnerability, which state is so natural for children, and with whom I felt connected as never before. Experiencing those subtle connections, at the time, I found myself drawn into present moment that seemed as being in a long Now. 

For that part, I question how deep can oneself be absorbed, connected or bond to one another that for a moment it seems like living in a complete present moment, in Now, a state that supposed to make oneself happy and content. I might say that my quest is focused on self-exploration and identity. One can gain an insight into oneself by looking at others.


Kristina Kraft


July, 24th 2012



Author's Bio

Kristina Kraft (née Vidanec), born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Art and Designin the field of Set Decoration & Design in 1996. Coming from an art school founded by Austrian architect, Herman Bollé, whose background reaches into the mid-19-century tradition of art and craft.


In 2004 she co-founded “Nucleon,” a non-for-profit organization for literacy in informatics and visual cure where she worked until 2009 as a graphic and creative designer of educational software.  

She started photographing for the purposes of various graphic design solutions, merging photography and graphics of which her early art work consisted of and had been publicly promoted through partnership with “ATP Croatia Open Umag ‘Int'l Tennis Tournament” in July 2004 and 2005.


Custom wall calendars published sold in editions of 1000 copies for 2007, 2008 and 2009, with motifs of Zagreb cityscapes and idyllic landscapes of Croatia. Co-author of the book "Botanicuum - Visual Allegories". Credits for concept, introduction and creative (graphic) design. Self-published in a small edition.   

SOLO EXHIBITIONS, 2004 to 2012:

She held 18 photo exhibitions on various themes - abstract, cityscapes and landscapes - mostly in Zagreb libraries where some were accompanied by academic musicians, turning the opening into cultural evenings! 

Permanent presentation of her pictures as a decorative solution is held in the pharmacy “Hanzic” (since 2009) and in the office of “Yacht Charter Grgic” (since 2004) in Zagreb. 

In 2010 was her 1st international exhibition about Zagreb in Real Camera Store, Manchester, UK.

Two years after, at the same location, she exhibits “Glimpses”, portraits of personal nature.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS, 2008 and 2009:

In 2008 she exhibited portraits of her friend on a given theme “All-About-Him” in the Goethe Institute, public park and on a billboard, organized by the Goethe Institute and 39 Grams newspaper in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2009, portraits of scientists - “Conversational Scientists” done with her then future husband, Dr. Jamie Kraft. It was exhibited in MOSI during the science festival week in Manchester, UK.