Contest Hunt The Book

Books are static, sometime artistic objects, and  Lighthunters found them to be very exciting and inspiring motives! We got plenty of very nice and fine images, some of them being fine art! 

Mr. Josip Madračević supported us as Guest Evaluator! We thank Josip for excellent done job! And we thank all the participating photographers for their nice images! And, we congratulate following Award Winners on their achievement! 

Technical Excellence and Authenticity Award: Nino Đuraš 

Artistic Impression Award: Ema Dabo Radosavljević

Best Book Motive Award: Ivana Nakić-Vojnović

Mankind Historical Relevance Motive Award: Željko Krančević 

Lighthunters Award Winners:

Danijela Bolanca                                                                           Helena Baričević 


Wolf Kopčić                                                 Nives Hangi 


We congratulate the Award Winners and thank all the authors for their participation in Lighthunters Daily Photo Contest on Facebook! 

Take a look at following presentation and enjoy the world of books, as seen through Lighthunters lenses and cameras! 


Join us in our actual daily photo contest ("Birds") or any other following it! Have a good light by your side!