Contest Hunt The Weather

Weather! What a theme to run the photo contest!!! Lighthunters interpreted the theme in so many interesting, and sometimes even exciting ways! Be it summer hot day on the beach, or cold winter day in the city or under the frozen waterfalls,  phootgraphing mist, dew, rain, dramatic heavy clouds, lihtnings, rainbows... so many subthemes arose from their images! 

For many photographers, it was the challenge to present only their best three works! 

Our Guest Evaluator was Helena Baričević. She divided the images into various subcategories and declared her awards, up to four in each on contest Facebook wall! Terefore, we shall present here only Public and Editors Lighthunters Awards! Thanks, Helena, for your great effort and help!

There was a very close competition for Likes between a couple of images, reaching much higher popularity than any others. Runner up Marin Sermina Pitton was very close to Winner! 

The Most Liked Weather Image Award winner is Boris Kačan! Congrats, Boris!

While all contesting photographers can be called winners of a kind, several of them submitted the works of outstanding technical quality! Since Helena did not pronounce the awards for technical excellence, which are very important in photography contests, the Editors will here present them! 

The Lighthunters Technical Excellence Award Winners are:

Boris Vargović

Dennis Czund

Gordana Kvajo

Mirela Korolija

Siniša Almaši

Lighthunters and Editors congratulate all awarded photographers for their award achievement and all contestants for participating and posting such great images in Hunt the Weather, Lighthunters 18th Daily Photo Contest! 


We prepared daily presentation here, and the fine photographic work compiled inside deserves a portion of your precious time. Just let it play and enjoy in beautiful and exciting imagery! 

Our next Daily Photo Contest is already open! Theme is: Action!! Join! Submit images! Like the posted images! Have fun and hunt awards! :)