Contest Hunt The Show

Events! Theater! Concerts! Traditional and modern dance! Lighthunters went on to Hunt The Shows! Since it is no easy photographic discipline, the participation was a bit modest, comparing to other themes! But!! The image quality was high! Thank you all! You Win! :)

Today, at our 15th Lighthunters Daily Photo Contest, we had for the first time Guest Evaluator, Mr. Marijan Pribilović, professional photographer! Marijan worked all day long to analyze, evaluate and rate the submitted images! He did terrific job! Thank you, Pribi! :)

Marijan selected three main categories, awarding three winning images in each, for winner, runner up and third place! 


Winner Award goes to Heni Tade for her rock concert singer b/w image! 

Runner Up Award won Drago Vrbanec for the color rock concert singer image!

3rd place Award goes to Lucija Šimić for her rock concert performing band image! 

Theater photography

Winner Award Winner is Darko Gereš for his long exposure analog shot! 

Runner Up Award goes to Jasna Bužimkić for her beautiful Swan Lake ballet dance image! 

3rd place Award went to your admin Tigi Borg for Figure Skating Dance Pair image. 

Various Shows and Events

Winner Award gose to Goran Stefanek for Japanese drummer image!

Runner Up Award goes to Mima Art for modern dance show image! 

3rd place Award goes to Gabrijela Tkalec for her open air traditional dance image.

As Marijan told us, several other imagess were very close to get an award and he had to evaluate finest details to decide the winners! 

We congratulate the winners and thank to all the participating photographers, who made the contest interesting and close!! 

Our special thanks to Marijan Pribilović, who discounted his image from the contest, even though it got most likes! 

The selected images from all photographers are in following presentation! It's nice and exciting! :)


Visit us in our next daily contest!! Good light to all!! :)