LHW00009_Dennis Czund

One brief and unexpected meeting with Dennis Czund in CroArt Photo Club, Zagreb, Croatia was all you need to be sure that Dennis is positive person, professional photographer, precise and excellent in his work. And he is, with 30 years long career of photo reporter in USA. 

When Dennis joined as much later as frequent participant in our Lighthunters FB photo contests, his works helped in raising the overall quality! B&W or color his photographs are vivid and you can feel the pulse of places, events and people! Dennis makes things and people - alive on photographs! He won many our contests and surely will do it many times more!

We thank Dennis Czund for contributing his time and posting his valuable photographs into Hunting The Light contests and Dream Light group, for helping with precise comments. 

We are happy to announce our new Lighthunter of the Week, Mr. Dennis Czund! 

Enjoy the presentation of Dennis Czund photography! 


All images contained in this page and presentation are © Coypright Dennis Czund (ZundPhoto), New Jersey, USA!