Contest Hunt The Seeds

Announcing SEEDS photo contest was a great challenge, because the theme seemed to be far from the interests of our photographers! But we received many entries, some of them being well above the average and worth considering to be awarded! So, the results and awards are here!

Technical Excellence:

Katarina Sun Ivičević                                                         Wolf Kopčić


Art Photography:

Zoran Burazerović                                         Milenko Mrvoš


Best Motive:

Nataša Kos                                                          Dina Bužimkić


Special Effort Award:

Željlko Krnčević


Regina Koštan, Suzana Jovanović, Andrea Šipuš

Martina Šiljeg, Tanja Milanović Legović, Ljiljana Kurteš

We congratulate the awarded photographers and thank all participants for their nice images! 

Presentation is ready and quite interesting.


If you missed previous contest, you can watch the winners and presentation here: 

Contest : Hunt Commercial Photography

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