Contest Hunt BW

B&W Photo contest was popular beyond our expectation! Beyond popularity there was quality of presented works! So, to cut the story short, we have the final selection of the best b&w images that were submitted to contest.


Daniel Dany Bošnjaković                            Tomislav Tompa Zebić


Best Motive:

Nikolina Šarić                                              Merima Buljanović 


Technical Excellence: 

Boris Vargović                                                 Rafael Kos



Marijan Pribilović


Tihomir Franov 

Lighthunters Awards:

Denis Boban, Diana Cukar, Nada Bolta Danilović, Vesna Karavanić, Lilly Demode 

We congratulate awarded authors on their achievement and thank all others for participating with good and interesting images.

Enjoy the presentation! It is worth your time! 


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