Contest Hunt Analog Photography

Analog photography!! What a theme for photo veterans!! And a chance for younger generation to learn a bit about photo history as well as photography basics! And to get astonished by some of master works!!   

Therefore, the contest was not very numerous in terms of participating photographers or posted works. But, the quality proved to be outstanding! 

Public Award for Most Liked Image won Tihomir Franov.

Technical Excellence Award share:

Boris Vargović                                                            More Plavo


Artistic Impression Award share:

Goran Antić                                                         Dragoljub Stefanović


Best Motive Award share: 


Anton Tony Pinčić                                                       Darko Gereš.


Lighthunters Award winners are:

Željka Gracin                                             Željko Car 



Take a look at following Analog Photohraphy contest presentation, and feel the spirit of history inside! 


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