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Week of Sep. 17th 2012.:  Jasna Bužimkić  - "Purple Haze"

When you think of Jasna's photography, the mystic forests open in front of your eyes! 

And these mystic forests reside mostly on Medvednica mountain, northern of Jasna's Zagreb, the city where she was born and  where she lives, just a few miles downhill from the places she presents us!  And these forests offer diversity of motives to visit to study and to capture. Jasna does it! Does it excellent! She refuses the  today so usual way of making a normal scenery look fantastic !Instead, the young but already well known Artist, seeks for unusual, mystic and fantasy motives and presents us the places closest to reality! And that reality does sometimes look shifted into another dimension, like on this Photo of the Week! 

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Jasna Bužimkić, Purple Haze,  2012