Contest Hunt The Hug

Hugs!! And more of your most precious Hugs!!! 

Being Site Editors and Hugs Photo Contest Jurors was no easy job! Lighthunters and Friends brought up some of the very precious moments of their lives! We thank Everyone in The Competitors Teams for posting such winning hugs!! All of you are Winners, because, every hug counts equally, no matter how well is it photographed! Therefore, every photographer got a badge for one of submitted images! 

Photographs differed in age and technical and expressional quality. Some where the captures of gentle moments, other went into more artistic sphere. 

The Absolute Technical Best Award goes to Željko Kustec and his street photography of young couple! That photograph won also the Best Hug Story Award! We congratulate Željko!! :)

Jasna Bužimkić went into artistic exploration of hugs' photography and brought up very impressive image of Selfishness! Her photo got the Best Artistic Photo Award!! At the same time, this very fine image got a Best Hug Story Award!! Congrats to Jasna! :)

Helena Baričević is The Storyteller! And she submitted two excellent story telling images. One of them shares The Best Hug Story Award with Željko Kustec and Jasna Bužimkić!! Powerful story!! Congrats, Helena! :)

Branka Daniela Hrženjak surprised us with exceptional hug motive!! Therefore we award her with Best Hug Motive Award!! Congrats,  Daniela!! :)

Finaly, the contestants, friends and visitors decided that Most Liked Hug Award image belongs to Ljiljana Wjeshtica Cviljak! Congrats, Ljiljana!! :)

Milan Perosavljević demonstrated the power of traditional analog photography, by submitting perfect and impressive family hug image. Milan got the Best Analog Photo Award! Congrats, Milan! :)

Biserka Bešenić shared with us the precious moment of her early childhood, submmitning 60 years old black and white image. We thank Biserka with Photo of Hug Memory Award! Congrats, Biserka!! :)

We thank all authors for presenting their best hug images and supporting other contestants with their likes and comments! :)