Contest Hunt Your Smile

Smiles!!!  Yes! Smiles! In your cutest photos! And we got plenty of them in Lighthunters 5th daily photo contest on FB! 

Thank you all! Your models are winners! No Exception! You are Winners! Your friends who came to see and like your images are winners too! :)

Very dense and close competition left us busy to decide between fine nuances! 

Technically best image Author is Boris Štromar! Congrats!!! Very cute girl photographed in a finest manner! 

Mrs Smile, the smile that all of us would like to have in years that are ahead of us!! Natural and beautiful, from the deepest corners of ladys soul!! We congratulate to Mirjana Čuturić Bočina!! 

Gradma's Great Little Smiley!!! Ljiljana Wjeshtica Cviljak presented us her granddaughter's lovely smile and got most LIKES! Lighthunters and Friends congrat you, Wjeshtica! :)

And, here is by our by far longest contest presentation! More than 30 authors give you some of dearest moments that ever happened before their camera lenses! Enjoy!!