Lighthunter of the Year 2013

It's been amazing year, running so many thematic photo contests, evaluating daily and weekly your entries, photographs ranging from amateur to professional, from entry levels to highest quality works! 

Hundreds of photograpers participated, some less, other more frequently, some posting their first ever shot images, other sending us the very latest works in the long line of their masterpieces! 

However, there was a smaller group of photographers delivering only good and excellent works, regardless of themes. Even smaller group was ever ready to help others, to teach when needed, to boost others in their advancement. A very few photographers brought us excellent works, precise framing, colors, interesting motives, and all other photographic qualities. 

And only one added regulary a note of positive humour into his works, into contests, communication with others. He was born almost 7 decades ago in Podravina region of Croatia. Today he lives in Pula, on Croatian Adriatic coast. He is 

Josip Madračević

Top Lighthunter of the Year 2013

We thank you all for competing and participating in Hunting The Light activities! We congratulate All Awarded Photographers in our contests! But now, we celebrate Josip as our Top Lighthunter and offer you to enjoy the presentation of his excellent photographs! 


Enjoy this exciting presentation! Visit us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Return to our quiet little corner of the photographic community! 

Jadranka & Tigi

HTL Editors Team