Contest Hunt The Sport

Sport photography is special kind, something quite different from all other kinds! Requires highest photographic skill and understanding of various elements that compose the good image. Therefore, we got smaller quantity of images than usual, but the quality of the best ones is outstanding! Overall quality is far above average! So we congratulate all participants for their images and Award Winners on their performance behind the camera! 


Technical Excellence: Hrsta Senior

Action Timing: Dalibor Điri

Art: Arsen Miletić

Best Motive: Nataša Kos

Humanity: Ivana Maričić

Lighthunters Awards: 

Astrida Zrinka Hrženjak                                                         Diego Tikulin 


Leo Kvarantan                                                Nives Hangi


Our congrats to award winners and all participating photographers! Please, enjoy the presentation! 


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