LHW00012_Francesca Delbianco

Upon her early appearance in Lighthunters photo contests, and specially after publishing a very powerfull and expressive portrait of senior lady in a doorways, we at HTL Redaction were impressed with maturity of Francesca Delbianco photographic work! What we did not know then, was her age, 22 years! Not 32 or more! 

Her following postings into our photo contests on Facebook and on our open group Dream Light, proved our affinity for Francesca's photography. It is exploratory, playfull, ranging from classic to contemporary and modern styles! 

But what impresses us the most is Francesca's concert photography, be it color or black and white! It is full of energy and subtle at the same time. It is technically excellent, razor sharp as well as loaded with fine gradients and shades that let the stories develop. 

But, instead of talking too much, let the following 100 images speak for themselves and their young lady author, our Lighthunter of the week, starting Sep, 14th 2013.