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Week of Sep. 24th 2012.:  Siniša Almaši  - "New Life"

Loving The Nature! Living The Nature! Photographing the Nature in the pure natural way! 

The above three phrases may best how Siniša  Almaši is related to the nature and to photography! His images tell us stories about the life! And where to seek and find the best inspiration for that theme? In the Nature! Siniša decides to photograph the real beauty of the Nature as it is! No "image enancement", no color saturation, artificial contrasts, HDR! He finds it everywhere, from,creeks, forests, meadows, sky, water, daybreak, sunset...

We chose this particular image for the Photo of the Wek for many reasons. Theme is ever actual and evidently presented very well. Shooting images in opposite light itself is a very tedious task. Getting the image well lit in such light is a kind of masterpiece! Carrying over the story is the hardest way. And the Author did that too, here! I a single panoramic cut shot! Image  is excellent,  full of  virtues, and as such reflects Siniša Almaši photographic opus! 

Click on the image to visit Siniša's gallery and to enjoy his impression of nature's beautiful scenes!

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Siniša Almaši, New Life,  2012