Contest Hunt The Computers

Shooting photographs of computers as motives is everything else but an easy task! The contest proved it. We got lesser number of entries, comparing to some other themes. And not many entries were creative as they could be! Anyway, we found a set of images deserving the awards for being either creative in photographic sense or carrying the message! 

Art Photo:

Tanja Milanović Legović

Technical Excellence:

Wolf Kopčić

Image Processing:

Vera Pristovnik

Best Motive:

Kristina Klunić Bolković

Francesca Delbianco

Photo of the Day:

Ankica Magačić

B&W Photo:

Dennis Czund


Dina Bužimkić, Radovan Grkovski, Tomislav Jonjić, Ivana Tara Radunović, Anton Tony Pinčić

We congratulate awarded autors and thank all participants for entering the contest! 

Presentaation is ready and relatively short! 


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