Maslina od Iskona

Artist Valter Dabo has opened his standalone pencil on paper art drawings exhibition "Maslina od iskona" (Olives forever) at July 12th to Aug 1st in Gradski muzej Novalja (Municipal museum Novalja), island of Pag, Croatia!


Valter Dabo was born in 1964 in Novalja. From an early age he independently explored a variety of painting techniques and styles. And for many years author made oil paintings, in high school he participated in group exhibitions. For the last 15 years, he is inspired by centuries old Lun olive trees, drawing them by pencil in his very own style! 

In a masterfull series of drawings, inspired by the beauty of the well known Lun olive trees, author tells stories of timelessness, the integrity of life, of love... he transposed space into time, giving the branches - the hands of the olive trees the reach the sky, and connecting them to the poor soil into a singularity, unifying them into One Universe.

Each drawing tells the story of creating a new life, carrying it figuratively, eroticized and energetic, pure stroke of a pen and a distinctive authorial style.

Exhibition opening presented in a row of spontaneous and nonprocessed images!

Valter Dabo - Maslina od iskona