Contest Hunt The Forest

Forest crescendo! That's the best title for yesterdays Lighthunters photo contest images collection! Our team went to so many beautiful places and brought vast amount of prime quality images! 

Guest Evaluator was Ema Dabo Radosavljević "Forest Fairy" and she had tough task to select the very best and very finest, from already great images collection! We thank Ema for her maestral performance and help! Here we present her judgement.

Jasna Bužimkić won the Most Liked Image Award! 

There are two Technical Excellence Awards.

Vanja Vukadinović won it for B&W forest photography. 

Siniša Almaši won the same award for color forest photography.

Željko Car won the Artistic Impression Award.

Mirela Korolija won the Best Forest Motive Award.

Denis Czund won the Best Forest Atmosphere Award.

Boris Kačan won the Best Processing Award.

Željko Krnčević won the Best Forest Story Award.

Martina Šiljeg won the Forest Mystic Award.

Biserka Vrđuka won the Best Forest Detail Award.

Lighthunters Awards winner: Darko Gereš


We congratulate the winners for their achievement in very close competition! We congratulate all participating photographers for excellent images, fairness and mutual support! 

Contest presentation is worth your time and you may even decide to enjoy more than one run! 


If you haven't done so yet, join us in already open "Roses" Lihgthunters daily photo contest!