Contest Hunt The Architecture

Architecture all over the world!! The idea to put the architecture as daily thema first looked a bit scary! How many Lighthunters have shot architecture images? And your response was way beyond our immagination!! 

So, for the first time it took us almost 20 hours to compile the scores and incorporate presentation.

To cut the very long story short, we present here and congratulate the Awarded Photographers!!!

Most Likes Award: Željko Krnčević

Best B/W Award: Tomislav Tompa Zebić 

Best Daylight Technical Excellence Award: Helena Baričević

Art Photography Award: Josip Madračević

Best Nightlight Motive Award: Jordan Radešić

Best Processing Award: Ljiljana Wjeshtica Cviljak

Best Daylight Motive: Dujić Ivica

Best Nightime Technical Excellence Award: Marin Bakotić

Best Story: Mara Divljakuša

Lighthunters Award: Leo Kvarantan, Mate Bodrožić and Mesud Bužimkić


We congratulate Award Winners for their achievement, as well as All Participants for their pleasing, very good and excellent photographs! 

Please take the time to watch the very interesting daily photo contest presentation! It may introduce many interesting places to you! 


Today, March 5th we just have fun and celebrate admin Tigi's b-day, but will be back in photo contest: Hunt The Shoes!!! :)