Contest Hunt The Bicycles

Bicycles are popular, not only as transportation means, but as photography motives! So we received some very interesting and nice shots! This contest was evaluated by Gabrijela Tkalec, our Guest Evaluator! Gaby did excellent job! And we thank her for that! Here are the final results! 

B&W Art Photo: 

Bohorc Ivica Jerry

Color Art Photo: 

Ljiljana Wjeshtica Cviljak

Technical Excellence: 

Vlatko Žurić Dado 

Action Photo: 

Željko Krnčević

Best Motive: 

Dennis Czund

Image Processing: 

Radomir Kujundžić


Vesna Karavanić

Photo of the Day: 

Nada Bolta Danilović

Most Charming Motive: 

Hrvoje Crnjak 

Srna Stanković


Branka Daniela Hrženjak

Astrida Zrinka Hrženjak

We congratulate the awarded photographers and thank all participants for their interesting contest entries! 

Presentation is here, ready for you! 


Join us in our next open photo contests! Have a good light!