Conttest Hunt Your Reflection

The world in reflections! You created one today, with your precious nice images! Thank you all for joining and participating in Lighthunters events, in this 11th Daily Photo Contest! 

By creating your and our reflections world, all of contestants are winners. All the images submitted differentiate in approach to main theme! 

Most reflection images that we got today, are inspired and shot with water as a reflective medium! 

Some photographers turned to traditional mirrors. Other went outdoors to shoot windows' reflections or even sunglasses refleflections! 

Several photographers used tabletop, car roof as reflecting media, therefore contributing to originallity and diversity.

But the Most Original Reflection brought us Željko Kustec with his railroad track bridge reflection. Dangerous mission! Congrats to Željko! :)

Vanja Vukadinović brought an excellent indoor tabletop reflection image, well composed, lit and shot. An image that collected a lot of praise from her fellow photographers, contestants. We congratulate Vanja on Absolute Technical Excellence Award! 

Antonio Drusko submited one image of crows, that got the avallanche of likes! We congratulate Antonio on Most Liked Reflection! 

Mirjana Čuturić Bočina presented today very fine reflections art! So we congratulate Mirjana on her Artist Reflection Award! 

Keni Nikolić is another newcommer to our daily contests, that has contributed an extraordinary work, that brought him Absolute Technical B&W Award! Congrats, Keni! 

We thank All Photographers for participating with really great images. Please take time to watch presentation below to enter this interesting reflections world! 


Join The Lighthunters again, as we continue our schedule of daily contests! Next theme is Macro and Close-up photography!