Contest Hunt Your Light

Dear Lighthunters and Friends!

We opened daily "Hunt Your Light" photo contests to present the photographic achievements of our members and friends! 

We consider All Participants to be winners of a kind for their participation, open mind, willingness to let their precious images to be measured up against competing images.

However, it is also fair to pronounce the image with most likes on our Facebook page as the daily Hunt your Light It's simple way to get feedback and have fun at same time. 

Author: Marijan Pribilović

Our contests are affirmative and it is their most important feature. There is no up or downrating the photographers. 

Watch our presentation below to enjoy the images that entered our first competition! Go to our Facebook page and be free to like and affirmative comment the images! Thank you!! 


Potpis slike: Auor(ica): Ime slike, 2012.