Contest Hunt Your Valentine

Valentine Day Photo Contest caught a lot of interest, from participating cretive artists, to many friends and visitors, who came to review, comment and like the greeting cards! 

All participants are again the winners, for creativity and collegiality and fairness! 

Most likes won Helga Bird's excellent image, sending love to her hometown Dubrovnik and dear folks living there! 

Most sympathies got Yelena Lana Schindler's image, with it's simple message "I <3 you all"!!  Yelena is relatively fresh and young author, who just entered her first photo competitions! Please support her and give young lady photographer a chance to develop her creativeness and potentials! 

The most touching image came from Joško Dalmat Tomić! It is dearest and most humanistic and warmest image in today's contest!  

We congratulate the award winning authors and all of you for participating in good spirit! Please take a closer look to winning images and the presentation below. Browse our members' galleries, keep visiting and support our authors by letting your friends know about the site, contests and fine photographers that contribute to this quiet little corner of photo community! 


Hunt Your Valentine 2013 Photo Contest