Contest Hunt Your Shoes

Shoes' day at Lighthunters daily FB photo contest is closing! We received many entries from our photographers and friends! A largest number of entries was motivated by regular shoes use or house storage. Just a couple of photographers went a step beyond in terms of creativity, putting the shoes as real "stars" of their works, some playing with light and perspective, bringing some fresh wind! 

With such strutured entries, we had relatively easy task of selecting the winners:

Krešo Kufrin won Technical Excellence Award.

Darko Šušovček won Art Photography Award.

Gabrijela Tkalec won Best Motive Award.

Matko Suton Sumrak won audience - Most Liked Image Award.

Željko Krnčević won B/W Photography Award.

Marta Slezak Pilić won Best Processing Award.

Jasna Bužimkić won Creativity Award.

Jasmina Boni won Best Shoe Story Award.

Vlado Privrat won Lighthunters Award.

Ema Dabo Radosavljević won Lighthunters Story Award.

We congratulate the Winners for their success and all other participants for sending their dear, interesting and nice shoe thened images to us for Hunt The Shoes Daily Photo Contest! 

Please, take time to review following contest presentation!! 


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