Contest Hunt Raw Images

Hunting unprocessed, raw photographs attracted about sixty photographers. It seems that for most of photographers, it became "unthinkable" to present their raw shoot material in public.

As expected, we got many images that are not polished or glorious to the last detail, but the real excitement comes from the variety of motives and presented basic photographic skills! 

However, thre were some very exciting images, shots made in very tricky situations! And, the winners are:

Art: Jasna Bužimkić

Best Motive: Josip Madračević

Technical Excellence: Siniša Almaši

Lighthunters Awards:

Leo Kvarantan                                      Maja Stamenković


Mate Borodžić                                   Tihomir Franov


Wolf Kopčić                                    Zoran Burazerović


We thank all the brave photographers for submission of their unprocessed photographs and congratulate award winners on their contest success! 

Presentation is ready here! Please spare some of your precious time to watch it! 


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