Contest Hunt The Doll

Dolls and Plushies!! Very easy to find and very  photogenic motive!! Lighthunters presented us today their thematic gallery in an easy going quiet daily contest. Almost all the images were still, a kind of doll or plushie installation in space, with no or very little action involved.

So, we got a collection of dolls and plushies images, some of them portraits, be it at home, office, or tailor dolls! Very few images really brought some dynamic action.

As always, we have to select the image quality, which is a very hard task. But we did it and awarded the images that we believe to be a bit more interesting in their own ways.

There was a very close run for likes. Želimir Beštak photo ended as runner up to Helena Baričević collage! We congrat Helena for winning Daily Most Liked Dolls' Image Award!! 

Denis Sergo won Technical Excellence Award.

Tamara Tama Posavec won Best Doll Motive Award.

Biserka Vrđuka won Best Tailor's Doll Award.

Borjan Radolović won Best BW Doll Award.

Nataša Kos won Art Photography Doll Award.

Snježana Bratanović won Best Doll Story Award.

Zdenko Balog won Best Dolls Use Award.

Zoja Jurić won Most Sypmathetic Dolls Award. 

We congratulate all Award Winners for their achievement and all participating photographers for their nice images and fair play! 

Take a few minutes to watch the daily show here! 


And return to Lighthunters on Facebook for our next daily contest: Selfportraits! Have a good light! :)