Contest Hunt the Lamps

Lamps are sources of light. So, they emite our raw material, without wich there would be no photography at all! Lamps are everywhere and can be found in so many different forms. Many of them are photogenic, too, being ideal motives for the thematic photo contest! 

Some of our photographers used the motives well and performed very good, above the average or expectations, posting very good images into contest! So, here is leading and creative group of authors who earned our awards! 

Photo of the Day:

Dennis Czund

Technical Excellence:

Višnja Kasagić

Art Photography:

Mima Art

Best Motive:

Jasna Bužimkić

B&W Photography:

Merima Buljanović


Nino Đuraš


Vedrana Ćetković, Bohorc Ivica Jerry, Goran Antić, Đuro Bosnić

Marta Slezak Pilić, Kri Sar, Branka Daniela Hrženjak, Marija Djedović

Olja Jovanović, Wolf Kopčić, Siniša Almaši, Diego Tikulin, Ivan Šupraha

Tomislav Tompa Zebić, Gabi Tkalec, Katarina Ivičević, Mirela Korolija

Admins / Editors / Evaluators: Jadranka Bužimkić, Tigi Borg

We congratulate awarded authors on their achievement and thank all participants for their interesting entries! 

Contest presentation is ready! Please, allocate a portion of your precious time to enjoy it! 


If you want to know more about our outstanding photographers, please visit the page...

 Lighthunters of the Week