Contest Hunt Landscapes

Is threre any more popular photographic motive than landscapes? Probably not! So, the "Landscapes" photo contest was one of most popular and, to our positive surprise, it brought also a many more interesting and high quality images than we have expected.

So we had to consider letting more images than usual into award winning pool or to do some pretty hard cut-off and leave many very good and excellent images unawarded. 

We opted for the first, more affirmative way and the resulting list of awarded photographers is here. Still, we kept strictly in accordance with our policy to let one author get only one award in single content, however fantastic his or her three entries are.

Art Photography:

Boris Stanić


 Katarina Sun Ivičević


Josip Madračević


Željko Milaković


Technical Excellence: 

Suzana Jovanović


Lerga Roberto


Lily Demode


Vanja Vukadinović

Image Processing:

Dragoljub Stefanović

Photo of the Day:

Dragutin Vrbanec 

B&W Photography: 

Željko Salai 

Best Motive:

Zdravka Prnić, Ana Gašparović, Regina Koštan, Dejan Dizdar, Siniša Ljubej


Slaven Unikat Bačić, Željko Škrbić, Nino Đuraš, Mima Art


Ana Vlahov, Siniša Almaši, Ivana Tara Radunović, Giordana Cikotić,  Marica Jukić

Joško Dalmat Tomić, Jasmina Paraker, Biserka Kos, Andrea Šipuš, Zoran Burazerović

We congratulate all contest participants for their nice landscapes and emphasize our congratulations to authors of the best, here awarded images! 

Take some time to enjoy exciting world of landscapes in our presentation below! Meet participating photographers at their best photo expression!


If you omitted our previous contests, follow the link to watch "Computers" contest presentation. 

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