Contest Hunt The Sunset

World in sunsets! That could be the title of our today's presentation, below at the end of this page! 

To cut this very long story short! You really throwed your sunset pots into play today! And if we allowed for more images, this text would be ready for publishing some day next week! 

Typically, sunset images are shiny, colorful, playful and romantic. This is what most of us think, when someone mentiones the word sunset.

Our Team Evaluators Dina and Jasna Bužimkić had the very hard task to select. So, they went to hunt the creativity and different photographer's approach to the theme! So, the winners appeared crystal clear from the sea of so many sunsets! 

Technical Excellence Award goes to Boris Kaćan! 

Artistic Impression Award winner is Lucija Šimić!

Atmosphere Award gets Ana Gašparović! 

Motive Award gets Anthony Tony Pinčić! 

Processing Award winner is Želimir Beštak! 

Most Liked Image Award goes to Joško Dalmat Tomić.

Lighthunters Awards go to Siniša Almaši... 

and Mesud Bužimkić.

We congratulate all winners and all contest participants! 

We congratulate and thank Jasna and Dina for their participation as Guests Evaluators! They did excellent job in very hard contest! 

Now, get your self a cafe, sit and enjoy the Lighthunters Sunset world presentation! :)


While you watch it, your Editors will prepare next contest announcement: Hunt Old Cars! :)