Contest Hunt Child Portraits

Child Portraits! What a popular contest! Parents and grandparents liked it so much, because children are the most popular models for most of the amateur photographers, and even for professionals!  So we received solid number of entries, many of them being produced with care and well above the average family photo quality. So we got plenty of award candidates. And finally, awards are here, as follows.

Art Photography: 

Martina Šiljeg

Željko Krnčević

Technical Excellence:

Branko Režić

Djani Bardoti

Best Motive: 

Marta Slezak Pilić

Živana Petković Selimović

Top Model: 

Ivo Ožić

Image Processing: 

Regina Koštan

Wolf Kopčić


Andrea Šipuš

Maja Stojković

B&W Photography:

Ana Gašparović


Diego Tikulin, Višnja Kasagić, Milenko Mrvoš, Vera Pristovnik, Irena Pilaš, 

Ivana Tara Radunović, Denis Boban, Nevenka Zajc Medica, Zdenko Balog

We congratulate award winners and thank all participants for their entries. 

Presentation is ready! Take a couple of minutes to review the contest! 


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