Contest Hunt The Doorways

Doorways are easy to find, many of them are interesting motives, but it's much less easy to photograph them in exciting manner! Some photographers accomplished that task well enough to earn our awards:

Art Photography:

Živana Petković Selimović

Technical Excellence: 

Nino Đuraš

Višnja Kasagić

B&W Photography:

Dennis Czund

Tomislav Tompa Zebić

Image Processing: 

TanJa Miljković Bralić

Best Motive: 

Vera Pristovnik, Regina Koštan


Dorijana Orlić, Ivica Dujić

Photo of the Day: 

Tula Siliguni


Alida Lida Hadžović, Ana Gašparović, Anton Tony Pinčić

Biserka Vrđuka, Diego Tikulin, Dina Bužimkić, Dragutin Vrbanec, 

Dragoljub Stefanović, Jasna Bužimkić, Olja Jovanović, 

Suzana Jovanović, Tanja Milanović Legović, Zoran Burazerović

Admins / Editors / Evaluators: 

Jadranka Bužimkić and Tigi Borg

We congratulate the award winners and thank all participants for entering the contest! 

Presentation of awarded images is ready here! 


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