Contest Hunt The Candy

Hunt the Candy turned to be less popular contest theme than we expected. Do photographers not like candies? Or they simply don't shoot pictures of candies? However, these who participated, made great job, posting many well done images!

Ana Gašparović was Guest Evaluator! We thank Ana for doing the evaluation quickly and very good! So, the awards are as follows! 

Artistic impression: 

Živana Petković-Selimović

Technical Excellence: 

Biserka Vrđuka                                               Darko šušovček


Best motive: 

Diego Tikulin

Motive of Desire: 

Jelena Puškarić

Story & Imagination: 

Tanja Milanović Legović


Helena Baričević

Best Light: 

Jasmina Paraker

Lighthunters Awards: 

Marija Djedović, Nevenka Zajc Medica, GoodGhost Dobri duh

We thank all participating photographers for their effort and nice images! We congratulate awarded photographers for their achievement! 

Presentation is relatively short and ready here for you! 


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